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Solarsoft iVP Certification Complete

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By Aleksey Osintsev, Analyst, TEC

I'm pleased to announce that TEC recently completed certification of iVP, Solarsoft's flagship ERP product for discrete manufacturing. Download the certification report here.

TEC Certification is an impartial analyst review of a software product that verifies the product's ability to address real-world business processes. This allows TEC members to make better-informed decisions about which software systems are the best fit for their businesses.

Solarsoft has extensive experience in ERP software: the company was founded as the result of a merger between CMS Software (based in Canada) and XKO Software (based in the UK) in 2007. Each of these developers had over 30 years of experience developing enterprise systems prior to the merger. Currently, Solarsoft operates from 12 offices worldwide, with over 1,400 customers, about 250,000 users, and over 500 employees.

Solarsoft specializes in software for midsized manufacturers and distributors, and offers a variety of applications to cover different areas of business requirements. Its flagship iVP ERP system, which was the focus of the TEC Certification, is also mid-market oriented, and mainly fits the following niches:

  • businesses in areas where electronic data integration (EDI) is critical or very important, such as automotive parts suppliers and retail suppliers;
  • standard product manufacturers with make-to-stock, make-to-forecast, or make-to-order types of manufacturing or distribution;
  • plastics manufacturers (injection molding, blow molding, plastic films, vacuum forming, rubber, or foam) and metal stamping, hydro-forming, welding, machining, extrusion, casting, and wire producers;
  • users running IBM legacy systems, such as BPCS, MAPICS, PRMS, JD Edwards, etc.;
  • small plants of large businesses that use tier-one ERP systems at the parent company and that have a mandate to start operations within limited time frames or other circumstances where large ERP system implementation may be too expensive or too complex.

iVP software can be especially beneficial for businesses that have extensive traceability requirements, including lot number and serial number control throughout the entire manufacturing/distribution facility. Also, this product provides strong support of integrated bar code labelling, from receiving to shipping. To this end, some software capabilities were specifically designed to provide bar-coding support, such as embedded Solarsoft data fields in label design, label format storage on the Solarsoft server, serialized label capability, Solarsoft data/label format file merges, and the capacity to print labels directly from the system.

As noted in the certification report for this product, Solarsoft iVP demonstrates a high level of support for all major functional areas of ERP for discrete manufacturers, from sales and purchasing to manufacturing and financials. This system is certainly worthy of consideration for midsized manufacturers and distributors that are looking for decent and affordable ERP solution.

Solarsoft iVP software plays in the same competitive field with rivals such as SAP, Epicor, Microsoft Dynamics, Plex Online, IQMS, Syspro, Sage, and Infor. The product is deployed as a Web client; users can log in from anywhere. Solarsoft offers server hosting services in parallel with the customer's facility or at a third-party data center. The vendor can also arrange a single-source on-demand model if required. Since bandwidth requirements are very low, there is no need to create terminal services or virtual environments.

I would like to thank the Solarsoft staff who collaborated with us throughout the certification process, particularly Andrew Robling, Aidan Killean, and Neil Gohil.

Read the full TEC Certification report to obtain more information on Solarsoft iVP. The report examines this product in deeper detail and compares it to rating numbers for the average ERP system for discrete manufacturers.

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